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Our priority is to provide our employees a safe and attractive work environment


Whether you are a novice developer or a confirmed salesperson, wherever you live, you can join our team.

PHOENIX ALLIANCE people are passionated in several fields (development, business, gaming, …), who does not hesitate to seek for help each time they need.

We plan to be active all over the world within the next couple of years.

We have tons of experiences to share, we are sure you have too! This is our vision of growing.

Diversity & Inclusion

PHOENIX ALLIANCE provides a peacefully place for each human whose consider inclusion and respect as the cement of human interactions.

Whoever you are, you are welcome.

Remote work is our rule and meetings starting before 9:00am and after 6:30pm are forbidden on your local time.

Transparent remuneration plan

At PHOENIX ALLIANCE, the fixed salary base depends on your number of years of experience in IT.

The package is based on a public salary grid, fixed and transparent. So you know how much you will get paid year after year…

This is the way we avoid salary discrimination

Impact Based Incentive

Depending on your role at PHOENIX ALLIANCE, you will be given additional objectives you can reach.

They are easy to understand and easy to count.

The more you achieve them, the more you get a percentage of your salary as bonus

 Fully covered health insurance

Wherever you leave, you deserve the best health care. At PHOENIX ALLIANCE, we offer a fully covered health insurance for you and your family.

We don’t have any open position for now, but stay tuned 🙂