Microsoft 365 + Full Service

Fixed price per user and per month.
No entry fee. Leave when you want.

How it works

If you have IT people who want to deploy Microsoft 365, we define and provide the licenses you need. With no additional costs, your IT administrators will benefit of level 3-4 support, and free advising on the way to deploy Microsoft 365.

If you don’t have an IT people – or doesn’t want to waste time on Microsoft 365? Our package, priced per user and per month, includes everything you need to a smooth move to Microsoft 365 cloud. There is no entry fee, and you can leave when you want.

Available in English, French and Greek.

Three teams, always at your disposal

Customer success
The goals of your Customer Success Manager si to be both your project manager for all of your collaborative projects, and to keep you in touch about the new features and usages deployed in Microsoft 365 on a regular basis.

The Build team is here to deploy, migrate and customize your Microsoft 365 environment from a technical, security and functional prospective. For example, this team will set up all the needed security features in Microsoft 365, but they are also able to deploy some customized application (expenses, onboarding/outboarding process, …). And this is fully included in the per user/per month paid package.

The Run team will help you on a day-to-day basis. They operate a first class support through a chat – or more classical support portals. They manage security alerts and also provide individual e-professoring and trainings to your users.

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